How to Delete your Home or Blur your Car  from Google Maps

How to Delete your Home or Blur your Car from Google Maps

Steps for Google to delete your property so that Google Maps users do not see it.

1)Access Google Maps and enter your address.
2)Bring the street view of your property
3)Look at the lower right corner of the screen that should see an icon labeled: “report a problem.”
4)Click on “Report a problem”.
5)You will get a page labeled “report an inappropriate street view.”
6)Adjust the image so that your house is inside the red box.
7)Fill the form

Enter the verification code at the bottom of the page in the box provided and click Send.Check again in a few days to see if the image has been blurred.

You can also get license plates and blurred faces. For example, if you want an image of your company on Google Maps, but you do not want the license plate number of your vehicle parked in front of Google, you can get blurred. You can also get your car blurred out too if you want.

Some properties that are blurred due to the security of the country where they are located.

The White House, the headquarters of the US Government, is one of the most representative cases. The image shown removes all security measures on the roof. It is a digitized version so that you can not see the air defenses.

The Capitol is another of the most striking places, since, only old photographs of the building that houses the US Congress can be observed.

Pave Paws is the headquarters of control of US missiles and airstrikes, which are in Massachusetts, California and Alaska, and at the moment only images of what the area was previously can be seen.

The C3 Agency, the headquarters of scientific and intelligence research of NATO, located in Brussels, appears blurred in Google Maps.

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