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We know it's not always easy to report safety & security concerns. Discreetly text immediate safety issues to 74100 for assistance (always call 9-1-1 for emergencies). Help keep yourself & your fellow #CTRIDERS safe. (link: https://t.co/QVvcQQiqCM) https://t.co/QVvcQQiqCM

Woolley's amendment to delay vote on arena FAILS in 4-9 vote.
Demong yes
Farkas yes
Farrell yes
Gondek no
Keating no
Magliocca no
Sutherland no
Woolley yes
Carra no
Chahal no
Chu no
Davison no
Nenshi no
(Jones and Colley-Urquhart absent) #yyccc #yyc

Wonderful to be back in Seoul so soon and looking forward to productive meetings with the leadership of our important ally and partner so vital to Indo-Pacific security and prosperity.

WHY the hard deadline on approving the deal? City negotiating team member says elements of the financing for the BMO Centre expansion are tied up with the arena deal and "must be completed by September." #yyccc #yyc

Rock your body
Rock your body right
Backstreet's back alriiiight 🎶


AMLO espera que los "buenos periodistas" se "porten bien" y "tomen partido" por su "transformación".

O sea: la prensa libre está conmigo o no es libre.

Así las ideas. Así el mensaje. Así el país. https://t.co/pi33JM9gBY

Fighting words from Davison on the proposal to delay:
"If this passes, the deal is done tonight and you will be known as the council that lost the Calgary Flames." #yyccc #yyc

Davison: "Council, if you approve this today, this will kill the deal... this should be a simple question of listening to the public over the next week." #yyccc #yyc

Woolley is moving an amendment to the motion today to delay the vote on the arena. He is proposing that city administration come back to an Event Centre Committee meeting on Sep 5th with details of a public engagement plan. #yyccc #yyc

"If I have just a week to come up with decision then you've made my decision very easy," Woolley says, adding he doesn't believe the Flames ownership group would be happy to accept a week deadline. #yyccc

Woolley says the deal looks like pretty good deal on the surface, but there's not enough time to digest the detail and engage with constituents.

Coun. Gondek says she has completed a literature review on the non-economic benefits of the arena. Says she will release the results tomorrow. #yyccc

Council members are getting tired. An exasperated Coun. Keating says that they're engaged in "circular debate" — "the deal is the deal, if you don't like the deal vote against it." #yyccc

✨¡Oficialmente son los #9YearsOfOneDirection!✨

Directioners ustedes lo decidieron, empezamos el streaming esta canción 👇☺.


Flames contribute $1.5M per year to amateur sports. The new deal will be $1.5M a year, plus inflation. "It will be escalated at 2% per year," negotiation team says. The funds are also required to go to local organizations as well. #yyccc

Demong says the agreed naming rights revenue to the city seems small. "I can't fathom why would be happy with what, one tenth of the value?" #yyccc

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