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Need Calgary traffic ticket defence? Do you have recently received a Calgary traffic ticket, from a photo radar (Multinova) or handed directly to you from a police officer. We go to traffic court for you.

Le podemos ayudar con cualquier ticket de tráfico para mantener limpio su record de manejo y ahorrarle dinero en multas. 16 años sirviendo la comunidad Latina y Canadiense en Calgary.

Traffic Ticket Agent
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Demerit Point Program Chart
The Alberta demerit points table from Alberta Transportation provides a complete list of driving convictions and demerit points :

    Points     Offence 
    7 points      Failing to remain at the scene of a collision
    6 points      Careless driving
Failing to stop for a school bus
Speeding (exceeding limit by at least 51 km/h)
    5 points     Failing to stop at a railway crossing (School bus or a vehicle
carrying explosives, gas or flammable liquids)
Failing to stop for a peace officer
    4 points     Failing to yield right-of-way to a pedestrian in a crosswalk
Following too closely
Speeding (exceeding limit by 31 to 50 km/h)
    3 points      Driving to the left of the yellow line / Driving left of center on
unmarked two-way
Driving in the wrong direction on a one-way highway
Failing to report a collision
Failing to stop at an intersection controlled by a stop sign
Failing to stop for a red light at an intersection
Impeding passing vehicle
Improper passing
Speeding (exceeding limit by 16 to 30 km/h)
    2 points     Failing to obey instruction of traffic control device
Improper backing – backing into an intersection or crosswalk
or unsafe backing onto a highway
Improper turns
Improper turns – U-turn
Traffic lane violation
Speeding (exceeding limit to maximum of 15 km/h)


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