Alberta’s Construction Products Industry

Alberta’s Construction Products Industry

The construction products industry has gained a worldwide reputation, particularly in the area of cold weather construction. This reflects the high priority that the Alberta government has placed on quality and energy conservation, while sustainable province resources are used efficiently. The strong economy Alberta’s growing population have resulted in an excellent domestic market for construction products. The residential renovation market in the province continues with strong growth and has surpassed the market for the construction of new homes for most construction products. Alberta’s construction products industry exports approximately 30 percent of the sector’s materials to major markets, such as the United States and Europe.

The exports of the 10 main products for the construction of Alberta are:

• Dimensional wood (spruce, pine and fir)
• OSB (oriented chipboard)
• Wooden office furniture
• Fiberglass insulation
• Prefabricated buildings
• Metal furniture
• Wooden bedroom furniture
• MDF (medium density fibreboard)
• Plywood
• Portland Cement

Advantages of the companies from Alberta, Canada in the construction products sector:

• They have a well-established component for the development of tailor-made products and tailor-made luxury products.
• Produce numerous composite products for construction (wood for floors and ceilings, coatings, windows, boards, fences, roofing products, etc.).
• Develop construction products that use energy efficiently and are environmentally friendly, such as water-based coatings, insulating materials and foams, heating systems, windows and doors, as well as environmentally friendly materials for outdoor use. ceilings and for exterior coatings.
• They are expanding their businesses through the development and production of panels for prefabricated walls, systems for floors and systems for foundations.

Alberta Construction Industry Occupations in Demand

• Carpenters
• Construction workers
• Supervisors and contractors the construction
• Electrical engineers
• Engineering technicians
• Engineering technologists
• Engineers in geology
• Heavy duty mechanics
• Manufacturing trades
• Mechanical engineers
• Mechanics
• Other specialties of engineering
• Engineers in oil
• Plumbers-Plumbers
• Software engineers
• In charge of installation and equipment maintenance ventilation, cooling or heating
• Truck driver
• Welders
The province of Alberta in Canada includes such important cities as Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Brooks, Airdrie, Okotoks, etc.


Alberta Construction Industry – Occupations in Demand