The Savory Queen – Maria Mercedes Gonzalez

The Savory Queen – Maria Mercedes Gonzalez

At The Savory Queen, we are focused on providing Delicacies for your special events! Hallacas, Pan de Jamon, Ensalada de Gallina, Pernil, Ramon planchado, Dulce de Lechosa, Torta Negra and more! We are from Venezuela, and has been always our goal to share our typical meals and appetizers with our customers Catering The Savory Queen.

Bienvenidos a The Savory Queen! Cuenta con nosotros para tus celebraciones Tenemos variedad de exquisiteces para que tus eventos sean todo un éxito!!

The Savory Queen
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Mon-Fri: 9-5pm
Sat: 10-4pm
Sun: Closed

We accept: VISA, Mastercard.

Welcome! to The Savoty Queen!! Count on us to support your event a make it a success!!
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