Tacos Calgary

Tacos in Calgary – How to Order & Eat a Mexican Taco

A taco is a traditional Mexican dish consisting of a soft corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling. Hard shell tacos are not traditionally Mexican, they are considered Tex-Mex by Mexicans, neither is the ground beef filling. Real tacos have real cut up or chopped meat: Beef, pork or chicken.

Tacos al Pastor are among the most popular, always made from pork Crisp-thin shavings of vertical spit-roasted pork, marinated with guajillo chiles and achiote, then served on corn tortillas and garnished with chopped cilantro, onions and pineapple. Pastor means “shepherd,” the name given to Lebanese merchants who immigrated to Mexico City in the early 1900s, bringing the concept of shawarma with them. It is also similar to the Turkish döner kebab and the Greek gyros. They are hard to make at home as you need a vertical rotisserie (or trompo as it is called in Mexico) and the meat needs to be sliced very thinly. Even some restaurants struggle to replicate the authentic flavour found in Mexico as there is a real art and technique to it.

Follow this link from FoodEverYYC to make Tacos at home with this real Mexican Taco Recipe

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