Support for Injured Workers with WCB – Alberta Fair Practices Office (FPO)

Did you know that The Fair Practices Office (FPO) is an independent agency, separate from the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB), The Appeals Commission, and the Medical Panels Office?  They help with Albertans who have questions or concerns about Alberta’s workers’ compensation system. All services are available free of charge.

Some of their services include:

Pathfinding and Connections – Getting you in touch with the right person or service for your needs. All Albertans are welcome to contact them for help navigating the workers’ compensation system.

Advice and assistance with appeals – If you disagree with a WCB decision, they can offer advice about what to do, and advocate on your behalf. They can also help you file an appeal and represent you in the appeal process. Their review and appeal assistance services are available for most employers and workers covered by Alberta’s WCB.

Fairness reviews – They can look at how the WCB, Appeals Commission, or Medical Panels Office made a decision, to see if it was made fairly. They can also look at whether you were treated fairly, including if the WCB followed its Code of Rights and Conduct.

This service was a result of the workers’ compensation system review, an Act to Protect the Health and Well-being of Working Albertans established an independent Fair Practices Office to:

-Help workers and employers navigate the system.
-Assist and advocate for workers and certain employers through the review and appeals process.
-Be a place for people to raise concerns.
-Monitor trends in the workers’ compensation system to ensure that it is working efficiently and effectively.

During the WCB review, many Albertans shared their experiences and recommendations for how the system could be improved. That’s why the Independent Fair Practices Office  was created, to ensure that workers and employers are treated fairly when dealing with the workers’ compensation system.

Albertans who wish to reach the Fair Practices Office, can call toll-free 1-866-427-0115 (on demand interpretation is available over the phone in several different languages) or visit

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