Spanish Speaking Countries

Spanish Speaking Countries of the World-Hola Calgary

The Spanish speaking countries are: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay,Peru, Spain, Uruguay & Venezuela

There are 21 Spanish-speaking countries with Spanish as their official language, here is a list of those countries, their demonym and their capitals.

Argentina- demonym- Argentinos- Capital- Buenos Aires
Bolivia- demonym- Bolivianos- Capital- La Paz, Sucre
Chile- demonym- Chilenos- Capital Santiago
Colombia- demonym- Colombianos- Capital Bogota
Costa Rica- demonym- Costarricences- Capital San José
Cuba- demonym- Cubanos- Capital Havana
Rep. Dominicana- demonym- Dominicanos- Capital Santo Domingo
Ecuador- demonym- Ecuatorianos- Capital Quito
San Salvador- demonym-  Salvadoreños- Capital San Salvador
Equatorial Guinea- demonym- Equatoguinean- Capital Malabo
Guatemala- demonym- Guatemaltecos- Capital Guatemala City
Honduras- demonym- Hondureños- Capital Tegucigalpa
Mexico- demonym- Mexicanos- Capital Mexico City
Nicaragua- demonym- Nicaraguenses- Capital Managua
Panama- demonym- Panameños- Capital Panama City
Paraguay- demonym- Paraguayos- Capital Asunción
Peru- demonym- Peruanos- Capital Lima
Puerto Rico- demonym Puertorriqueño- Capital San Juan
Espana- demonym- Españoles- Capital Madrid
Uruguay- demonym- Uruguayos- Capital Montevideo
Venezuela- demonym- Venezolanos- Capital Caracas

Based on Calgary Census Metropolitan Area, 2016- Calgary Spanish language population are 28,685 people or 2.1 per cent of Calgary’s total population

Hola Calgary promotes Spanish speaking language business entrepreneurs building economic wealth for Canada and giving an opportunity to Canadians to know Hispanic and Calgary Hispanic businesses. Hola Calgary is committed to promoting the growth of the Latin businesses in Calgary, Alberta Canada from Countries with Spanish as an official language.

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