Spanish Bilingual Program-Instituto Cervantes

Spanish Bilingual Program-Instituto Cervantes

Instituto Cervantes and the Aula Cervantes.  Spanish Bilingual Program- Instituto Cervantes is a public not-for-profit institution founded by the Government of Spain in 1991 to promote Spanish language teaching and knowledge of the cultures of Spanish speaking countries throughout the world. It is now the largest international Spanish teaching organization. It is present in 90 cities over 43 countries.

In Calgary, the Instituto Cervantes is represented by the language center, Aula Cervantes — the only center of this nature operating in Canada.
We provide linguistic materials and resources, cultural and academic projects, and professional development activities to Spanish teachers and students.
Coordinator: Melania Pascual Salcedo

DELE: International Spanish Exams

The DELE is the official, internationally recognized qualification certifying students knowledge of Spanish as a foreign or second language. It is issued by the Director of the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education. Examinations are held three times a year — in April, May and November —in more than 500 centres around the world, of which 17 are located in Canada

Exámenes – Instituto Cervantes
DELE – Exam Information
DELE – Leaflet
DELE – Presentation 1 (for adults)
DELE – Presentation 2 (for students)

AVE: Spanish Courses Online

More than 400 million people speak Spanish. Do you?
Try the Cervantes Institute online Spanish courses
With the AVE you can:

  • Learn to express yourself in Spanish in a variety of situations
  • Study all aspects of the Spanish language
  • Discover the Spanish-speaking world in all its richness and diversity

Spanish Bilingual Program-Instituto Cervantes, through audiovisual materials, interactive multimedia activities and personal tutor’s assessment and supervision. Take advantage of the most advanced communication technologies applied to the teaching of Spanish!


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