El Salvador Consulate in Calgary, AB

Consulate of El Salvador in Calgary

Los Salvadoreños en Calgary, Alberta cent con un consulado, Salvadoran consulate in Calgary
Vacunacion en Alberta Canada

The Consulate General of El Salvador in Calgary, Alberta, informs that this representation will be attending at 505 3rd St SW Suite 1730.

Among the services provided by the Consulates of El Salvador in Canada are attention to Salvadorans in Canada:

  • Deprived of liberty abroad,
  • Food Duties Demands,
  • Consular Visa,
  • Visas Consulted,
  • Authorization of Exit of Minors,
  • Public Writings,
  • Special Powers,
  • General Power Administrative,
  • General Judicial Power,
  • General Judicial and Administrative Power with Special Clause,
  • Voluntary Recognition of Children,
  • Death Registry,
  • Marriage and Birth Registry,
  • Criminal and Police Background,
  • Migratory Movement,
  • Issuance of Passports Abroad
  • Passports for Minors.

Embassies and Consulates from El Salvador in Canada

Salvadoran Consulate in Calgary, AB
505 3rd St SW Suite 1730
Calgary Alberta T2P3E6
Tel: 403 453 3609
9:00 am to 4:00pm
Facebook: Consulado General de El Salvador en Calgary

Vacunas Seguras e Importantes

Embassy of El Salvador in Canada
209 Kent Street, K2P 1Z8 Ottawa Ontario Canadá
Email: [email protected]
Tel:(613) 238-2939 and (613) 302- 4522


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