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Legal Real Estate Legal Terms in Spanish – Real Estate Lawyer

- Hola Calgary- January 7, 2020

The sale or purchase of  Calgary Real Estate  will imply that you will become familiar with certain terms that will be used by the Real ... Read More

Inspectores de Casas – Qué revisa un inspector de vivienda en Calgary

- Hola Calgary- January 5, 2020

Qué es lo que revisa un inspector de vivienda en Calgary y porque es importante para el vendedor y para el comprador. Los inspectores de casas ... Read More

Hipotecas – Multas por Pre-Pago – Hola Calgary

- Hola Calgary- January 5, 2020

En mi trabajo como agente de bienes raíces, es muy común que mis clientes crean que la tasa de interés es lo mas importante para ... Read More

Calgary Community Map

- Hola Calgary- August 22, 2019

Calgary Communities Map City of Calgary Community Names and Location ABB ABBEYDALE..............I6 ACA ACADIA.................F9 ALBERT PARK/RADISSON HEIGHTS...........G6 ALT ALTADORE...............E7 APP APPLEWOOD PARK.........I6 ARB ARBOUR LAKE............C3 ... Read More

Calgary MLS® – Map Search for Calgary Real Estate Listings

- Hola Calgary- April 8, 2019

Search for all the residential and commercial properties for sale on the MLS® Calgary a complete listing source for Calgary Real Estate and Calgary Homes ... Read More

Buying a House in Canada – Calgary Real Estate

- Hola Calgary- April 8, 2019

Yes, you can buy a house in Canada if you live in another country, probably you will need a good reference letter from your bank, ... Read More

Expenses when Selling a Property in Calgary, Canada

- Hola Calgary- November 16, 2018

The sale of houses, condominiums and real estate in Canada is supervised by the board of professionals in each city, for example in Calgary the ... Read More

Casas en Calgary – My House in Calgary is Not Selling!

- Hola Calgary- November 16, 2018

1.- Bajar el precio de la Casa en Venta El vendedor tiene que ser realista: los precios actuales del Calgary Real Estate están sobre-valuados y ... Read More