Debt Relief Program – Credit Help and Advice

Debt Relief Program – Credit Help and Advice

The financial problems are not a problem that affects only the immigrants who emigrate to Canada from all the countries, but they are something that almost everyone including the Canadians. The newcomers when we finally arrived in Canada and started living in any province of Canada we have to face at some point either recently or a few months later the avalanche of credit cards that they offer in all places.
And everything seems to start with the facilities that there are to get credit in any business, be it for sale of cars / cars, electronic items, etc. Just present your driver’s license, you already get it. But then comes the inconvenience caused by the creditors, that with so many calls to the house at night hours deteriorates our marriage – family relationship, and in many cases instead of blaming the circumstances, we blame the husband or wife for not supplying the necessary in the home and in the worst cases accusations arise that make you feel that the marriage does not work and that the best thing is separation or divorce.

In the province of Alberta there is a help program called OPD (Orderly Payment of Debts) and this helps to organize all your debts and prepare a payment program with an interest far below what you would be paying normally

The benefits of this program are:

-It protects you from certain legal actions that your creditors may take,
-The interest of all your debt is adjusted by law to 5% per year
-Account during the entire re-payment process with the help of a financial advisor.
-Free courses and seminars on how to rebuild your credit.
-The monthly payments you will make directly to “Credit Counseling Services of Alberta” and they distribute them to your creditors.

For more information go to Credit Counselling Society:

Calgary (North)
2323 – 32 Avenue NE
Calgary, AB T2E 6Z3
Main: 403.538.3187
Fax : 403.537.8437

Calgary (Downtown)
1500, 640 – 5th Avenue SW
Calgary , AB , T2P 3G4
Phone : 403.538.3187
Toll Free : 1.877.500.0792
Fax : 403.537.8437

City of Airdrie
110A, 400 Main Street NE
Airdrie , AB , T4B 2N1
Phone :403.538.3187
Toll Free : 1.877.500.0792
Fax : 403.537.8437


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