Loans for Immigrant Professionals – Windmill Microlending

Loans for Immigrant Professionals – Windmill Microlending

How many times have we not heard from Latinos in Calgary who are working on something that was not their specialty because they did not have any proof of their studies in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela or any country in Latin America?

Well, we have good news, the “Immigrant Access Fund” gives loans of up to $10,000. to those immigrants who have a profession and who need to be accredited, in Canada. This is so that they can have access to positions in the labor market in Calgary that are consistent with the profession they exercised in their countries of origin. These loans are provided to Latino immigrants in Canada who meet the following characteristics:

That is a legal resident living in Alberta
That does not have enough economic resources
The loan can be used in the following:
For studies at a recognized school in Alberta, Canada
Cover exam fees
Books, Materials and Housing Expenses

Immigrant Access Fund Windmill Microlending

Suite 709, 7015 Macleod Trail S
Calgary AB T2H 2K6
Phone: 403-228-9981
Website: Windmill Microlending
Email: [email protected]
Toll Free: 1-855-423-2262



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