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Gas Prices Calgary – Precios de Gasolina

Precios de la gasolina en Calgary, Alberta y compra en la estacion de gasolina mas economica. Los precios varian de comunidad a comunidad o marca de la gasolina. Usualmente Costco y Superstore tienen los mejores precios pero a veces las gasolinerias de Walmart  tambien pueden ser las mas economicas.

If you’re living in Calgary, Edmonton any other city in Canada, you can check the gas prices here, so you can purchase gas for your car at the most economical gas station. Prices vary from community to community or gasoline brand. Usually Costco and Superstore have the best prices but sometimes the Walmart gas stations can also be the most economical. In some gas stations similar to some of the countries of Latin America, have the service of putting gasoline in the car, use the service as you do not have to tip.

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Tips to Save Gasoline:

-The use of air conditioning increases fuel consumption by 20%

-The aerodynamics of the cars is designed to cut the air when moving forward, so having the windows open increases the resistance of the air with the car, increasing with it the consumption, since it costs more work to move the car.

– It is necessary to try to load gasoline very early in the morning, since the cold of that hour will avoid that the gasoline evaporates and we will load a little more than what we would load with the same money to the heat of the half day.

-The pressure of the tires below normal increases consumption due to the greater friction of the vehicle with the ground, in addition to wearing more of them. (for each 0.3 pounds less pressure, consumption increases by 3%)

-Avoid high speeds. A 20% increase in speed produces 44% increase in consumption. Better use the “Cruise Control” as long as there is no snow in the streets.

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Gas prices in Alberta vary in price according to gasoline. It is usually cheaper to load fuel at Costco stations. Below is an example of the price range in Aug/Sep 2018.

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