A short history of Peruvian Poet Living in  Canada  – Elizabeth Zevallos Tenorio

A short history of Peruvian Poet Living in Canada – Elizabeth Zevallos Tenorio

We proudly share the career of the Canadian Peruvian Poet – Elizabeth Zevallos Tenorio. As a poet he has published in various literary magazines in Peru. As a journalist Elizabeth has collaborated for the weekly magazine VSD edited by the newspaper “La República” of Lima, Peru, and in the magazine “La Tortuga” of the same city. In Vancouver he ran his own newspaper, “Un, Dos, Tres”. Elizabeth Peruvian poet based in Calgary, Alberta.

Thanks to an article published on her art in “Hello Calgary”, Elizabeth Zevallos Tenorio received a pleasant surprise in February 2017: from Montreal Radio Canada International contacted her to interview her about her career. It is not for less, but this artist, born in Lima, Peru and graduated from the career of Social Communication at the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos, has more than thirty years in the world of creation.

In the literary area the Canadian Peruvian poet has published in various literary magazines of Peru: Haraui, Qlisgen, The Equestrian Turtle, The Imaginary Magazine of the Art Museum of Lima, Reunited Station, among others; was awarded by the poem “Palabra de Virgen” in Lima in 1989 in a contest organized by the Mujeres Flora Tristán group. In 1994, he won the first place in poetry and short stories, in a contest organized by the newspaper La Prensa in Vancouver, Canada, with the poem, “No” and the story, “La Soledad is Wrong on the Road”. In Vancouver he was part of the Literary Circle “La Bodeguita del norte” with other writers of Latin American origin. Some of his poems have been published in the poetic anthology “The World Poetry Anthology 2001” (A Selection of the Best Works of Vancouver Multicultural Poets), in Spanish and English.

He has presented his poetry in Vancouver at the “Latino Soy” festival and “El Bus de las siete”. In Miami, Florida, his poetry has been published in the Ibero-American cultural magazine, and also in the cybernetics magazine “La Casa del Hada”, and in the “Baquiana” Internet Literary Magazine. In October of 2004, his poem “Oye” obtained Honorable Mention in the Poetry Contest organized by the Chilean-Canadian Association of Calgary, on the centenary of the birth of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. In 2006 his poem “My Poetry Lives Where You Are” (“My Poetry Live Where You Are”) originally written in English, was published in the anthology “Poetry in motion” by the Calgary Stroll of Poets group. In 2016, she was invited to read her poems at the University of Calgary in a literature class taught by Professor Fresia Sánchez.

The first book of the Peruvian-Canadian poet, which earned her the name of Latina of the month of December 2009, is entitled “Interior Night Scenes” and is a collection of forty-two poems written by the author in a space of twenty-six years .

As a journalist, she has collaborated for the weekly magazine VSD published by the newspaper “La República” in Lima, Peru, and in the magazine “La Tortuga” of the same city, while in Vancouver she directed with great success her own newspaper, “Un , Two Three.

Her parents of Apurimaian origin came to Lima in the 50s: that influence leads her to use indigenous colors in her painting. Although she describes herself as an autodidact in this art, in her new career in painting, she has had a good reception because she has presented her work in the library of High River (as an individual show for a month, and collectively during the annual event “Alberta Art Days”), in the Atrium of the Municipality of Calgary and in the city of Edmonton. It should be noted that the cover of her book was designed by herself.

And finally, we can not fail to mention that Elizabeth is forging a new artistic facet with her foray into the theatre, art that I already taste in three works she did before leaving her homeland. He has worked in Calgary in the work “Invulnerability” of Alta Baja Productions presented at Art Commons in November last year, and has participated for the first time as an extra in a well-known program of American television.

Elizabeth Zevallos – Radio Canada International 


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