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Calgary International Film Festival 2020 | Films in Spanish

The Calgary International Film Festival is an annually 12-day event in Calgary starting on September 23, 2020  where you get to watch multi-genre films from different countries in the middle of September of each year.

Calgary Spanish Movies and showtimes:

Mexico / United States
The year 2021 marks the 500-year anniversary of the Spanish Conquest of Mexico. To commemorate the historical occasion, director Rodrigo Reyes offers a bold, hybrid cinema experience, mixing non-fictional and performative elements with components of a road movie.
Through the eyes of a ghostly conquistador, Reyes recreates Hernán Cortez’s epic journey from the coasts of Veracruz to the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, the site of contemporary Mexico City.
United Kingdom
A 19-year-old Colombian woman named Yassandra Barrios emerges as a new environmental leader on her island to save the reef that’s vital to the island’s survival. While studying marine biology, she learns to dive and rallies the fishermen as well as the young people to bring awareness to protecting their marine ecosystem. She inspires those around her with a vision of a more secure future for their island home.
On a cold Sunday morning in Mexico City, three friends in their twenties search for a female friend that vanished at a divey after-party. The search takes them on a journey through the city, where they face the realities and issues of contemporary Mexico. As the day progresses and sobriety catches up on them, the friends start to consider the worst possible scenario. Tensions rising, confrontation amongst the trio is ignited, and issues that had previously been swept under the rug begin to surface, jeopardizing their friendship.
One summer morning, Cleo’s little sister drowns in the family’s pool, leaving her and her mother to cope with an unthinkable tragedy. Soon after, Cleo’s aunt arrives with her three cousins Leoncia, Manuela and Nerina, to comfort the family as they grieve and care for her mother, who rapidly descends into a deep depression.
This unexpected change in familial dynamics leads Cleo, along with her cousins, to immerse themselves in the feminine world of childhood, just as perverse as death itself. The fear of not having their first kiss, the fear of being alone forever, the fear of menstruation, and surrendering to a body that is no longer theirs, the girls are thrust into the irreversible change of maturity.

CIFF | Calgary International Film Festival
September 24 – October 4, 2020  |  @CIFFcalgary
#260, 999 8 St. SW Calgary, AB






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