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Dog off-leash areas in parks – Dog Parks Calgary

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The city of Calgary has 150 public areas where dogs can ride without leash, are multipurpose parks for the dogs of Calgary and their owners to enjoy.
There are few things in life that a dog likes more than running without a leash with his canine companions. No matter where you live or where you go in Canada, we can find a dog park without a leash nearby.
All areas of the City of Calgary where you can have your dog without a leash are multi-use areas. The City of Calgary does not operate any park just for dogs (however, there is an association called “ Calgary Associated Dog Fanciers  that operates a dog park near Elliston Park.)
Reminder: Dogs are required to be leashed on a paved path in an area without a leash

Nine tips for your pet’s behaviour:
1. Know the rules of each park for dogs and follow them.
2. Keep your dog tied until it is inside the fenced area of ​​the park.
3. Never leave your dog unattended, even in a dog park without a leash.
4. Keep your pet’s voice control at all times.
5. If your dog begins to play abruptly, lock him up and leave the park immediately.
6. Do not bring toys that dogs can fight with.
7. Keep your canine vaccines up-to-date.
8. Always clean after your pet has done its business.
9. A dog park is not an excellent place for small children: if there are children with you, watch them closely.

Dog off-leash areas in parks

Calgary Off Leash Areas

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