Native Tongues Taqueria

Native Tongues – Calgary Mexican Restaurant & Taqueria

Native Tongues, Mexican restaurant and taqueria on the city of Calgary, AB. Not only is the vibe hip and relaxed, but the quality and authenticity of the food is even approved by Mexicans! If you’re looking for tacos, Native Tongues Taqueria in Calgary & Mexican Restaurant is the place to go!

With so many Canadian’s traveling to Mexico each year, loving the weather and authentic Mexican Food,  Calgarians have been waiting for great quality Mexican restaurants for a long time. Your Mexican food experience should not be limited to hard shell, cheddar cheese and sour cream tacos!

Mexico City is recognized as having some of the best restaurants in the world, not only because of the intense competition that comes from a bustling metropolis of 27 million people in one area, but because  of the alluring fusion of Mexican cuisine with influences of both Indigenous and European/Spanish cuisine. 

Where can you eat authentic tacos with soft corn tortillas in Calgary?

You can now find locally made authentic corn tortilla tacos in a number of restaurants across Alberta! One of the first restaurants to offer authentic Mexican cuisine in Calgary was Restaurante Añejo, who opened its doors August of 2010. In Edmonton you can find Tres Carnales Taqueria, and their newest addition to modern Mexican cuisine, Rostizado (by Tres Carnales).

Just recently two chefs with experience in Mexico’s culinary scene (including the world renowned Pujol), have partnered to offer a pop-up dinner series titled COMAL Mexican Table Dinner.

On any given night you can find someone from the Aramburu family down at Native Tongues. Whether for a Taco, or Mexican brunch with a Michelada, over the weekend (you have been missing out if you have not tried a Mexican breakfast), Native Tongues never disappoints. 

Native Tongues offers up tacos al Carbon, with locally made tortillas by “Las Tortillas” using wood-fired cooking to create traditional Mexican street food and authentic flavours. They offer a variety of Mexican pop, cerveza and even know what brandy and tequila brands to offer as authentic as the locals would order in their home country, well done Native Tongues!

Buen provecho! 

Native Tongues Taqueria-Mexican Restaurant 235 12th Ave. SW Calgary (403 263-9444)



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