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Catholic Church in Calgary – Mary Mother of the Reedemer

Mary Mother of the Redeemer Parish or Maria Madre del Redentor Iglesia Catolica,  Parish Catholic Church in Spanish. Welcome to Mary, Mother of the Redemptive Parish in Calgary where we offer ministries and programs in Spanish relevant to all ages, stages of life and nationalities. We are a family of God, under the continuous protection of our patron, Our Mother Mary, a companionship with a unifying spirit, a welcoming family home, the community of the faithful.

Mary Mother of the Redeemer Parish
Address: 1714 – 14 Avenue N.E.
Calgary, AB, Canada T2E 1G3
Ph: (403) 276-1689

Weekend Masses  /   Misas de Fin de Semana

9:00 am (Saturday, English)
4:30 pm (Saturday, English)
6:30 pm (Saturday, Spanish) Children Mass will be celebrated every second Saturday of the month (in Spanish)


9:00 am (Sunday service in Italian)
11:00 am (Sunday service in English) Children’s Liturgy held during the 11:00 AM Mass
1:00 pm (Sunday service in, Spanish)
6:00 pm (Sunday Service in Spanish)

Weekday Masses * (See note below)

Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9:00 am (English)
Thursday 7:00 pm (Spanish) 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Adoration
Adoration Every first Friday of the Month following 9 am mass ending with 7:00 pm mass (Service in English)
Memorial Mass Every first Wednesday of the Month 7:00 pm (Bilingual)
Healing Mass Every first Tuesday of the Month 7:00 pm (Service in Spanish)

Spanish Mass Times

Vacunas Seguras e Importantes

6:30 pm Saturday Spanish Mass
1:00 pm Sunday Spanish Mass
6:00 pm Sunday Spanish Mass

Memorial Mass:

Healing Mass: (Misa de Sanación) Viernes: 7 – 9pm
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (Adoración al Santísimo Sacramento) from 9:00am to 6:00pm
First Friday of the Month  (Primer Viernes de cada mes). Mass: 6:00pm

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