Living in Calgary

Living in Calgary – Cost of Life in Calgary, AB

Statistics Canada’s Consumer Price Index, commonly referred to as the inflation rate provides a measure of the cost of living in Canada. For example, in 2014, the Consumer Price Index for Calgary had reached 132.7, which means that what you could buy for $100 in 2002 cost $132.70 in 2014.

Alberta offers many cost-of-living advantages, such as no provincial health-care premiums, no provincial sales tax (PST), tax rebates and credits to further help with your finances

Statistics Canada’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) provides a broad measure of the cost of living in Canada. For a detailed, cost-of-living analysis of major cities in Canada, Calgary Economic Development has provided tables on the costs of owning or renting a home using data from Economic Research Institute’s Relocation Assessor. 

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