Are Latinos Speaking in Spanish at Home in Canada?

Are Latinos Speaking in Spanish at Home in Canada?

Are Latinos Speaking in Spanish at Home in Canada?

Are Latinos Speaking in Spanish at Home in Canada? The home is the most important educational institution in the lives of infants and in general, is the main promoter of social habits and creative identity. Speaking Spanish at your home even if you live in Calgary Canada, it is critical for families of immigrant children, as it is in the home where children discover and interact for the first time with the concept of education.

Therefore, the importance of speaking Spanish is even more valid in this sense, because this possibility within the country, is very limited Spanish remains a linguistic minority population and even within its educational system.
The importance of speaking Spanish in Calgary while living as an immigrant covers the areas of connection and understanding between different members of the family and managing a diverse and enriching communication makes major part of the personal history of each individual.
All family members bring a range of skills and experiences, which are part of their individual and fundamental part of life in the home and family integration as, in English-speaking countries, the family is more capital important, both socially and culturally from each of its members.

Both capital, social and cultural, can be used positively in order that the individual has some major advantages socially, and in turn, can achieve greater educational success.The importance of speaking Spanish at home as a social and cultural support.
The first barrier that stops the socialization of individuals with other cultures is the language, but not only that, there are factors closely related to their culture that can not be easily involved in history and psychology.

Therefore, the constant practice of their native language are vital to give the individual the true meaning of their culture, offering different possibilities for individual development, making it also participated in activities in specific social contexts, directly linked to their culture.

In short, to speak Spanish at home to immigrant families in a country like Canada, helps each family members, primarily children, to stay in touch with the cultural world of their home country.

Turn to speak Spanish is essential in the educational context of infant heirs of Hispanic culture as an integral feature different learning processes, so it is essential to language development in both languages (English and Spanish) and not only English at school routine.

The use of Spanish in the home, the infant will help to develop the meaning and understanding in the use of languages needed to transfer mental representations of their meanings, avoiding the confusion of choosing a language unnatural for him, because language ideologies are completely different.

This is mainly because teachers lack the skills to develop this language, lagging somewhat, the educational process of the Latino children

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Are Latinos Speaking in Spanish at Home in Canada?
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