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Latino’s Market, is a family owned Latin grocery store offering Latin American pre-manufactured and manufactured food products imported from Mexico, South and Central America.

Latino’s Market is a Canadian company with the vision to become the preferred supplier of Latin manufactured and pre-manufactured food products in Canada such as Alpina, Alta Montaña, Arepaisano, Bijol, Colcafe, Colombina, Colombian Heritage, Corona, Delicioso Food, Dulces Vero, Gamesa, Herdez, Orinoquia, Polar Jazz & Tequenses.

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At Latin store we offer food products from:

Costa Rica
El Salvador
Free delivery on all orders over $99. If you find a lower price, we’ll match it

Latin Store – Latinos Market
101 4803 Centre Street NW, Calgary
Ph. 1 587- 885-25-35
[email protected]
Web: Latino’s Market

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