What is the Latino population in Canada? Latinos in Canada

What is the Latino population in Canada? Latinos in Canada

The Canada Latino population are approximately 35 million people (2018) and of these, 1,239,000 live in Calgary (registered in 2016) with an average age of 37.6 years.27,075 people have Spanish as their mother tongue, and 16,000 people try to continue speaking Spanish at home. The average income in Calgary per salary is $ 43,651 per year per person.

Canada is home to 500,000 people who speak Spanish as their mother tongue. The nationalities with more people are Colombia with a total of 70,000 Colombians living in Canada, Mexico with 80,500 Mexicans in Canada and Peru with almost 30,000 people.

Latin Canadians living in Calgary, often seek to maintain their identity and cultures, holding business meetings , forming Latino cultural associations and celebrating important dates in your country. With reference to food, if you want to cook it is very easy to get ingredients in any of the Latino stores or even in the large commercial chains that now have a corridor dedicated to Mexican food or there is a variety of Latin American restaurants and “Food Trucks” with Colombian, Mexican, Venezuelan and Salvadoran food.

Spanish speakers Immigrants in Calgary borned in Latin America according to the last census (Statistics Canada 2016) are 33,540 people:

Argentinos: 745
Bolivianos: 245
Chilenos: 2,910
Colombianos: 7,145
Costarricenses: 275
Ecuatorianos: 425
Guatemaltecos: 1,140
Españoles: 700
Hondureños: 350
Mexicanos: 7,560
Nicaraguenses: 870
Panameño: 140
Peruanos: 1,425
Salvadoreños: 2,775
Uruguayos: 120
Venezolanos: 3,300

Las cifras del censo confirman que las “minorías visibles” se concentran en las grandes ciudades, como Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary y Edmonton.
Montreal es residencia de una gran cantidad de personas clasificadas como “minorías visibles” en Québec.