Hola Calgary – Twitter Photos and Comments

Hola Calgary – Twitter Photos and Comments

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Conectando a la comunidad Latinoamericana canadiense en Calgary, AB


Calgary is full of so many amazing restaurants you could eat out every night and still just get a taste of the city's culinary scene. Here's our guide to some of Calgary's best restaurants. #LoveYYC #yyc https://t.co/Yakeg5tBC0

If you’ve been scammed and felt its impacts on your mental health, know you’re not alone. Scams are underreported because of the stigma.

If you’ve been scammed, report it to @canantifraud at 1-888-495-8501 or https://t.co/2iiHObilkB #WorldMentalHealthDay

Happy thanksgiving!!!

*Bring two or more people to the upcoming Notas de 4 show and get a free copy of the recording Roses & lilies*


What commitment is bestowed upon a #CaMINA award recipient?

The award not only recognizes an endeavour but it also exhorts the winner to continue with its job of empowerment, promotion, and protection of landmine victims.



El @IME_SRE a través de las Embajadas y Consulados de México convoca a las personas mexicanas que residen fuera del país a participar en el Concurso de Fotografía y Cortometraje “Recordando a México” 2019, con el tema “Traduciendo México al mundo”.


Estimada Comunidad salvadoreña:

El Consulado General de El Salvador en Vancouver, Columbia Britànica, traslada sus oficinas a partir del 29 de Octubre de 2019 🇸🇻 🇨🇦

The Real Estate Amendment Act 2019 has been introduced to address concerns about the performance of the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA).

#Calgary #realestate #holacalgary #Crebnow

Most Hispanic parents speak Spanish to their children, but this is less the case in later immigrant generations https://t.co/ym0TKeOUFu

Change your mind about that plane ticket or find a better deal? There is a way to get your money back even if you bought a nonrefundable ticket. https://t.co/WayzYJ3koP

2019 CALGARY SPANISH FILM FESTIVAL- The Embassy of Spain in collaboration with Globe Cinema, the European Cultural Society of Calgary and the Aula Cervantes, presents for the first time a festival of new films from Spain

How does Trump spiking the ball in the end zone & stating “I use #Mexico” serve the strategic, long-term interests of the critically important 🇺🇸-🇲🇽 relationship?! These are the headlines & cartoons in the Mexican press today. Diplomatic vandalism & malfeasance, plain & simple.

Say social media increased foreign interference in politics, 2019.

Nigeria: 60%
South Africa: 55%
Indonesia: 53%
Egypt: 52%
Turkey: 51%
UK: 51%
Pakistan: 49%
India: 49%
Mexico: 47%
US: 46%
Canada: 43%
Brazil: 40%
Germany: 36%
Russia: 34%
France: 32%
Italy: 30%
Japan: 7%


The story of the past two months is one of a White House scrambling to keep secrets to protect a president willing to cross lines others would not, only to find the very government he frequently disparages expose him. https://t.co/LAohFmh7Lg

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