Canadian law and justice – Laws of Canada

Canadian law and justice – Laws of Canada

In Canada, the law applies to everyone, including: the police, the government public officials. Canadian laws are divided into private and public law.

Public laws are: criminal law, Constitutional law, administrative law
Private laws are: contracts, owning property, rights and duties of family members, damage caused by others to someone or to their property

Some important laws that exist in the country of Canada and that maybe different from our country, that every visitor or immigrant must know!

* It is illegal to drive without a driver’s license, registration and car insurance.
* It is illegal to drive if you have been drinking alcohol.
* The driver and all passengers must use safety belts at all times when driving in Canada.
* Babies and children who are too young to use seatbelts should be seated in car seats for babies, according to the child’s age and weight.
* Children under 12 years of age can not be left alone at home, or to care for younger children.
* All children from six to 16 years of age must attend school.
* Smoking cigarettes, cannabis or vaping is not permitted in federal buildings, elevators, Canadian airlines, buses or other public transportation, or in many banks, stores, restaurants and other public places (some municipalities     have banned smoking in all public buildings).
* Depending on what part of you live in Canada, it must be 18 or 19 years old to buy or drink alcohol in any way.
* It is not allowed by law in Canada to hit your spouse or children, either at home or in public.
* The use, purchase or sale of marijuana, heroin, cocaine and other addictive drugs is illegal.
* It is illegal to make any kind of sexual comments or jokes if the other person does not accept them.

Never try to give money to a police officer. Canadians do not bribe police officers. It is a serious crime to do this.

In Canada there are no limits to the access of adolescent women to abortion. This is the teenager. she does not need the consent of his parents. they can make the appointment with the clinic, and the doctors are not allowed to inform their parents. Even if the parents call the doctor and ask for information about the person, the doctor is not allowed to tell them anything without the patient’s consent.

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