Incendio en la Cocina

Fire in your House – Kitchen Fires – How to Prevent Them

Did you know that cooking activity is one of the causes of home fires in Calgary? The kitchen presents innumerable opportunities for a fire to start: leaving the food in the oven, the fire or the microwave without controlling it, accidental spills of oils or fats, hanging a dishcloth too close to a lit stove, the spark of a toaster, a coffee machine forgotten over a lit stove, etc. Always supervise your child when he is in the kitchen or when he makes his first steps as a cook, and make sure to practice safe cooking habits, such as placing the handle of the pots on the stove when cooking to avoid accidentally overturning them.

Much of the fires in Calgary happen in the kitchens of houses and condominiums and most of the time for the same reason: a frying pan stays on top of the stove and ignites; the fire reaches the extractor hood, which is not clean enough and favours its spread or a smoker and a badly extinguished or thrown cigarette from a balcony and that enters the lower floors.



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