How to Immigrate to Canada from India – Find each Stage of the Process

How to Immigrate to Canada from India – Find each Stage of the Process

The Federal Skilled Workers Program is the most usual way for skilled workers to migrate to Canada from India. Each year Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), invites from all over the world skilled workers to migrate to Canada with help of permanent residency visas. Express Entry Program or EEP allows you to immigrate as a skilled worker and is a common step to make the process of immigration happened.

Find out if you can apply to any of these programs:

-Express Entry, is an online system that we use to manage applications for permanent residence from skilled workers. You will need the following documents for your profile and application:
• passport or travel document
• language test results
• education credential assessment report if
◦ you’re applying through the Federal Skilled Workers program, or
◦ you want to get points for the education you got outside Canada
• provincial nomination (if you have one)
• written job offer from an employer in Canada (if you have one)
• police certificates
• medical exams
• proof of funds
Canada will submit your profile to the Express Entry pool, give you a “score” and invite you to apply for a permanent resident of Canada
(Completing an online Express Entry profile or entering the pool doesn’t guarantee that we’ll invite you to apply for permanent residence)

-Quebec-selected skilled workers, is the program to become a permanent resident to Canada and live in the province of Quebec. There are two steps to pass:

a) Apply to the Government of Quebec for a CSQ or Quebec Selection Candidate
b)After the Province of Quebec has selected you apply to Immigration Canada for the permanent residence, with your Certificate de selection du Quebec, answering all of the questions truthfully and without misrepresentation. Pay your fees online for the application and get a confirmation number and a receipt. (You can pay with a credit or debit card)

If your application is accepted you have to prepare for the arrival to Canada, you must have a valid citizen passport, travel documents or both, your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and your permanent resident visa (if Canada gave you a visa) and finally proof that you have the funds to support yourself and your family after you arrive in Canada

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