Expo Latino – Calgary Latin Festival – Twitter

Expo Latino – Calgary Latin Festival – Twitter

One of our all-time favourite Cuban bands is back, Wil Campa y La Gran Unión.

AUG. 18, Prince's Island Park, Calgary.

Campa is best recognized nationally and internationally for his Grammy Nominated contribution to the CD Tremenda Rumba in 2002.

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😍💃🕺🍺🎉☀️🌈🔥🎵 .

AUGUST 16, 17 & 18
Prince's Island Park
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Join us for our 23rd anniversary and live the experience!

TICKETS: https://t.co/YyyM4jAH7F

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Luis Enrique, Price of Salsa & Mariela Parra (Expo Latino) talked to Leah Sarich about the festival. #calgary https://t.co/fB4IFqdA49

Thanks Paula Zuleta & Las Divas All Star for a great ninght!

#Repost @paulaazuleta
“Quimbara” Paula Zueta y Las Divas All Stars en @expolatino #Calgary #Calgary Canada @ Prince's… https://t.co/D6IO4g45Gq

Thanks @luisenrique !

Calgary loves you. It was a great concert.

Gracias Luis Enrique!

Calgary te adora. Fue un conciertazo! https://t.co/LdRgjhoTSJ

Thanks Creekside Dental for your support!

Today is the last day of the festival. See you at Prince's Island Park! @ Calgary, Alberta https://t.co/B339wlFiD8

Take a look at some of the amazing live music performances coming up this weekend! 🎤————————————————————————
@silviatemis @unobandmusic klavelatin la_calavera_de_frida mangosoundband… https://t.co/ifYtcQfXNm

Check out Expo Latino’s oficial lineup of authentic folk groups! 💃🏻 ————————————————————————
raicesdelperuyyc bolivianpasion miviejosansimoncalgary laparrandavenezolana asiescolombiacgy… https://t.co/llNMtHRP8L

Take a look at some of the amazing live music performances coming up this weekend! 🎤————————————————————————
@silviatemis @unobandmusic klavelatin la_calavera_de_frida mangosoundband… https://t.co/YSFDbU3M8g

The EXPO LATINO FESTIVAL (August 17-19) relies heavily on the help of volunteers.

Volunteering is a great way to support the community, have some fun and show our visitors how friendly… https://t.co/qH7R2Evewz

MANGO SOUND is Calgary's new Latin Band.

They play a fusion of Latin pop, soft rock, and dancing music.

See them on stage at #ExpoLatinoFestival2018 on Friday, August 17. @ Prince's… https://t.co/hMZmjvgnqe

Meet the 2018 Expo Latino MCs Team.

#emcees #MC #expolatinofestival2018 #calgary #yyc @ Prince's Island Park https://t.co/s57zw3PEIV

It's true..."Los Amigos Invisibles" are bringing their tropical dance beats to Expo Latino, "Western Canada's Largest Latin Festival"! 🌴🌺

Now here's something you really don't want to… https://t.co/H6t3ykCP7n


FEATURING: DJ MAX and FREE Salsa lesson by MAX POSADAS from MoreSalsa, and Bachata lesson by Felisa and Robin from BACHATAKIZ.

This… https://t.co/dgxtyA9UT7

We just can't wait for "El Paradise" tour!

LOS AMIGOS INVISIBLES, main headliner for Sunday, August 19th at Expo Latino Festival.

Tickets: https://t.co/YyyM4jSiwf

#AmigosInvisibles #Calgary… https://t.co/wyJra9ZRg8

This is Salsa On The Street with Lucy Grau singing in the background. Lucy Grau, Salsa/Disco Queen, main headliner for Saturday Aug 19 at Expo Latino Festival. https://t.co/U9tKdF36CV

Beautiful day for Salsa On The Street. We just started! 100E Block on Stephen Ave. Across Milestones. https://t.co/AOzpm4G2xw

You are invited to Western Canada's Largest Latin Festival!

EXPO LATINO celebrates its 22nd anniversary bringing you both local and international renowned artists.

With music, dance,… https://t.co/mGZWacApkw

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