España en Calgary Spanish Cultural Association- Calgary Spanish Club

España en Calgary Spanish Cultural Association- Calgary Spanish Club

España en Calgary Spanish Club

España en Calgary Spanish Cultural Association or Calgary Spanish Club is supports newcomers from Spain, promoting Spanish culture in Calgary, and strengthening the ties between people of Spanish descent and Canadians. To promote and preserve Spanish culture in Calgary and in the Province of Alberta; To develop activities to encourage an active participation in Spanish culture by all residents in Calgary and the province of Alberta who show an interest in Spanish culture; To participate in Multicultural events to promote and show the Spanish culture; To promote and organize artistic and cultural events; Welcoming and assisting Spanish Newcomers and help them adjust to the Canadian culture; To promote and organize networking events to create opportunities for members and employers; To organize charitable activities; Holding events and / or activities to raise money for charities; and to participate in humanitarian campaigns.

España en Calgary, Spanish Cultural Association, was officially founded in 2011 on the work done previously by Mr José García who realized the need of creating a gathering space for the Spaniards in Calgary. At the time, Mr García went door by door tracking the Spaniards that lived in Calgary. Although the number of Spaniards in Calgary has increased in the past few years, it is very small compared to many other ethnic groups. This is no surprise, the Spanish Embassy in Ottawa calculates the total number of immigrants to Canada in only 13.000. With the economic power shifting to the West, Calgary population has diversified tremendously and some of them are Spaniards. Spaniards have in general integrated very well into Canadian society. Nevertheless, it still matters for Spaniards to keep their cultural identity and transmit their language and traditions. España en Calgary wants to contribute to promote Spanish culture in all its aspects: language, music, gastronomy, travel, dance, theatre, cinema… while creating an atmosphere conducive to socializing and sharing. During the late 1950s and 1960s the Canadian and Spanish governments organized a joint call for immigration. Most of those immigrants went to Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver and only a few of them made it all the way to Calgary. These first Spaniards to come to Calgary and their descendants constitute still a major group in the association. Spanish immigration to Calgary during the next decades was very small and consequently there are not many members of the association representing this age group. The third group of people present in the association is constituted by relatively new immigrants: young families that have been here for only a few years and young people that come only for short periods of time. The diversity in the association is not only in terms of age and background, immigrants represent all different regions of Spain with their unique characteristics tastes and accents. 

One important niche would be teachers coming to Alberta from Spain, to teach Spanish in the Spanish bilingual program, currently Calgary has 18 schools under the Spanish bilingual program, children can start in Kindergarten and go all the way to grade 12!  To read more about this subject go to articles in Comunidad.

Connect with the Spanish community in Calgary through cultural events, Spanish lessons and more throughout the year!

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