El Mercadito Latino Grocery Store and Market

El Mercadito Latino Grocery Store and Market

Located at 4774 Westwinds Dr NE Unit # 128, Calgary, AB T3J 0L7, El Mercadito Latino is the Superstore Latino in Calgary! A local grocery store & market with products from Central and South America: Maseca Corn Flour, Jarritos Pops, Mexican Refried Beans and other types Cheeses, Sour Cream from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and a  a variety of frozen products!

El Mercadito Latin Grocery Store has a Deli with Tamales, Empanadas, Juices, Coffee…and more items soon! We also offer Orbitel and the service of money transfer.

El Mercadito Latino Grocery Store and Market se encuentra en 23-5 Coral Springs Blvd NE in Calgary, es una tienda de abarrotes en Calgary que vende con productos de Centro America y America del Sur. Contamos con un Deli que ofrece: Tamales, Empanadas, Jugos, Café. También contamos con envio de dinero Transfast!

Algunos otros productos: Maseca, Refrescos Jarritos, Frijoles varios, Quesos, Crema de El Salvador, Guatemala y Honduras, find Latin foods in the comfort of El Mercadito Latino with Carlos and Penny Siles..

Hours / Horario:
MON-FRI 11:00AM-7:00PM
SUNDAY 12:00PM-6:00PM


El Mercadito Latino
Telephone 403-475-1556
Address: Unit #128 4778-Westwinds Drive NE T3J0L7
E mail: [email protected]
Website: El Mercadito Latino


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