Calgary Neighbourhoods - Communities

Neighbourhoods in Calgary – Guide to Calgary Communities

Calgary Neighbourhoods – Communities

Crime levels in Canada play a very important role for Latinos in making decisions about where I want to live or where I should set up my business.
There is no doubt that crime is present in every city including Calgary. The criminal activity is so pervasive that some theorists of Sociology have come to affirm that for various reasons crime should be qualified as normal.

However, even considering that the crime can be present almost irremediably, we can observe that the distribution of its incidence is not even in the social areas. The communities of Calgary differ in their criminal levels. See this table created by the Calgary Police offers the statistics by the community so you know where parts of the city is where they steal more cars, where there are more assaults, etc. And you can make a decision when deciding where to live.

Urban life in Calgary has changed considerably since the city began to grow rapidly. It has become one of the most diverse cities in Canada. Today Calgary is a modern and cosmopolitan city that still retains many of its hallmarks in terms of culture referred to as western bars, pubs, and clubs, soccer and ice hockey. Calgary has also become an important center for country music in the country. Calgary is also a great stage where you can find the most varied music styles, including metal, folk, pop, rock, punk, indie, blues, jazz, hip-hop, house and country.

As Calgary’s population density grows, so has the vitality of the area. Nightlife and the development of art have also evolved thanks to this, and the population is spread throughout the urban areas of Calgary.

Being an ethnically diverse city, Calgary has a good number of settlement and multicultural areas. It has one of the largest Chinatowns in Canada and a “Little Italy” in Bridgeland. The Forest Lawn area and International Avenue. In the district are located many shops and restaurants of diverse ethnic origins.

View the latest statistics on person and property crimes, disorder, traffic, LRT, domestic conflict, drugs, hate/bias crime, weapons, youth, center city and gang-related crime on the Calgary Police Statistical Reports


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