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Easy Taco Recipe – Chicken Tacos

Chicken Tacos (Easy Recipe)

How do you make a taco? Chicken Tacos is a typical easy and economical meal in Mexican homes, you can buy and make the chicken fresh or use a store bought Roasted Chicken for a quick and easy meal! This recipe makes as many tacos as until the chicken runs out (or the tortillas), it all depends how much chicken you like in your tacos! You can accompany the tacos with Guacamole, home made Refried Beans, (or store bought, these will be sold in any grocery store in the Mexican section or in any of the Latin Stores in Calgary) and with the Mexican Red Rice

2 chicken breasts or 1 whole roasted chicken (store bought)

1 package local made Las tortillas, you can find them at La Tiendona, Unimarket, your local CO-OP or any of the local Latin Stores in Calgary

3 Tablespoons of oil (coconut or any high heat oil will work great)

1 Cup of crema fresca(only available at Latin Stores in Calgary ) or sour cream

1/2 Cup of crumbled queso fresco (only available at Latin Stores in Calgary ) or feta cheese

1 Cup of Mexican Salsa, home made or store bought (these will be sold in any grocery store in the Mexican section or in any of the Latin Stores in Calgary)

Salt to taste

Place the cream and salsa in a bowl and crumble the cheese into a small bowl so they are all ready at the table. Warm up the beans and rice (optional) and have them ready at the table to serve. The tacos will be ready as soon as you finish them and they should be served right away.

Cook the chicken breasts in any way you prefer, or microwave covered for about 5 min (may vary depening on microwave) don’t over cook, you want the chicken to be tender. Then shred the chicken into strips and set aside. For the store bought pre-cooked chicken just shred into strips and set aside.

Warm up a large frying pan in medium with 1/2 a T of the oil, once melted reduce heat to low and place 3 or 4 tortillas and flip constantly so they get some of the oil, once you know they are warmed up, remove them from the frying pan and set aside on a flat surface or plate. Remove the pan from the stove (to prevent overheating) and start making the tacos with the chicken you set aside earlier. Roll them up and place in a Tortillera to keep warm or in a bread basket with a cloth.

Re heat the pan using the same instructions as above and make as many tacos as you think you will have. If tacos get cold, you can place in the micowave for 15 seconds to re-heat.

You can make the tacos as crispy or soft as you like, if making crispier, roll up and place a toothpick to keep closed (while you cook them, remember to remove it before serving) and re-fry them.

Once the tacos are ready, you can serve with Mexican Red Rice, use the cream, cheese and salsa on the tacos and enjoy! (You can also garnish with shredded lettuce )

Find Las Tortillas  authentic corn tortillas at La Tiendona, Unimarket or any of the Latin Stores in Calgary!

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