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Cuanto Cuesta el Dentista? – Guide for Dental Fees in Calgary, AB

Dentistas en Calgary La traduccion de Dentista al Ingles es Dentist y Consultorio Dental se dice Dental Clinic. En Calgary hay varios dentistas que hablan Español y atienden a los Hispanos y Latinos en Calgary. Las diferentes especialidades que hay para el cuidado de los dientes son: El Cirujano Dentista y odontologo  realiza el  tratamiento y prevención de las afecciones bucales. Se apoya con los especialistas de las diferentes ramas de la odontología para la realización de tratamientos específicos de otras especialidades.
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This guide provides some common dental procedures and fees. This may not cover your specific treatment needs or the actual cost of your care. Dentists determine their own treatment fees for the services they provide. Talk to your dentist for more details on your treatment options and any associated costs. (2019). Because dentists charge different prices, you may wish to shop around.

Guide with a list and description of dental procedures and suggested fees: Dental Health Alberta

Maxillofacial Surgery: (Oral, maxillary, oral surgery)

The Dentist specialized in Facial Maxillofacial Surgery performs the studies and surgical treatments of diseases and alterations in the oral cavity and related tissues, such as surgical extractions of cysts, teeth in bad position, trauma treatment, aesthetic surgery, post traumatic, placement of Implants , etc.

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The Dentist specialized in Endodontics performs the extraction of the nerve in the molars.

Pediatric Dentistry:

The Dentist specialized in Pediatric Dentistry performs the treatment and prevention study of the masticatory system and dental organs of children and adolescents.

Orthodontics and Maxillary Orthopedics:

The Dentist is specialized in Orthodontics or Orthopedics performs the study treatment and / or prevention of conditions caused by abnormal growth development and / or poor positioning of the teeth.

Periodontics (Parodontics):

The Dentist specialized in Periodontics performs the study and treatment of diseases and anomalies of the gums and bone support of the teeth.

Oral Rehabilitation: (Prosthesis, Prosthodontics, Gnathology)

The Dentist specializes in oral or oral rehabilitation, performs the study and treatment of conditions caused by tooth loss, malposition, malformation, mandibular joint abnormalities, bite problems (occlusion). (Prosthesis, Prosthodontics, Gnathology)


The Dentist trained in Implantology performs the study and treatment for the placement of implants in the bone of the jaws, to be subsequently rehabilitated with plates, crowns or bridges.

Dental Cosmetology:

Dentists specialized in rehabilitation for aesthetic purposes of alterations in shape, size and position of teeth

Partial Partial Dentures:

They use hooks as anchorage and removable inserts should be adjusted annually by means of “Overflows” due to the constant loss of the bone of the jaws. We must remember that when you eat, you are applying a vertical force to the bone; This force compresses the upper jaw upwards and if it is in the lower jaw the force will be oriented downwards. This causes him to lose the bone of his jaws accelerated producing a premature oldness in his face. Many people with dentures can not eat well because they move causing pain or injury to the gums and teeth. Others complain of bad breath due to the accumulation of food under them, while others are aware that the aesthetic value of their smile and face is affected by this type of replacement.

Full Dentures:

They are prostheses that replace all the lost teeth. They use the volume of the bone of the jaws as retention. Like the partial dentadureas, they do nothing to prevent the loss of bone from their jaws. Many times due to the lack of osseous vlumen, these produce lesions at the level of the gums which are very uncomfortable for the patient when chewing their food. In extreme cases many people prefer to remove their dentures to eat their food; Due to this cause, they must eat a restricted diet eliminating in this way the possibility of eating their favorite foods.

When a person loses all his teeth he also loses the support where the lips and cheeks rest, and as a consequence, his cheeks sink, and there is a decrease in the closing angle of the mouth; In addition, his speech ability is impaired, making the older person see what he is. In the times of our grandparents, removing all the teeth to use dentures was a quick and less expensive solution and they thought it was best to stop going to the dentist. But it is not the solution, but the beginning of other problems.

Dental Implants:

They replace the root and crown of their lost teeth. They provide a constant stimulus to the bone of your jaws when you chew your food. They are constructed of a biocompatible material called Titanium; therefore the chances of rejection are minimal. For your placement it is necessary that you have good health and enough bone. It is not necessary to reduce or abrade neighboring teeth, thus preserving the integrity of health of your natural teeth.

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