Home Staging – Interior Decoration – Sell your home faster

Home Staging – Interior Decoration – Sell your home faster

Do you plan to sell your house or condo in Calgary, AB or are you already in the market and do not receive offers? Do you attract the decoration programs that happen on Canadian television and you are constantly browsing decoration magazines? Have you always dreamed of having a house or apartment that looks like the photos in those magazines?

The decoration magazines show pictures of beautiful houses with expensive furniture and accessories but that unfortunately reflect in very little the common denominator of the way in which the vast majority of people live.

Having a house in Calgary as beautiful as those in these magazines does not have to be a fantasy. We can all learn to redecorate our rooms with the simple fact of knowing the most frequently made decoration mistakes and learning to correct them.

And you will ask, what are those mistakes? Here is a list of the most common:

• Incorrect use of light
• Uncomfortable conversation area
Furniture of different height
• Ineffective use of accessories and objects of art
• Ignore the focal point
• Ignore the function of the room
• Disorganization and disorder
• Rooms in imbalance
• Ignorance of the application of the basic design principles: balance, scale, color and rhythm

Your real estate agent in Calgary can help you contact an interior designer or home staging professional who will guide you to fix it and decorate it to make sure it is sold as quickly and as much as possible. Using Home Staging techniques, your Realtor in Calgary will create the right environment to ensure that potential buyers fall in love with your home and present you with an offer.

Use what you already have and redecorate how you want!

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