DayCasa – Children Spanish Lessons in Calgary

DayCasa – Children Spanish Lessons in Calgary

Spanish lessons for children, providing group, private Spanish classes and tutoring. We offer Spanish beginner level Spanish to advance Spanish. We provide Spanish classes, language programs and cultural immersion experiences for students of all ages. We are a team of native Spanish speakers and yes, we provide on-site Spanish language classes for community center programs and other organizations.

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Suggestions to learn Spanish:

Make Spanish a priority in your child’s life! Having a good work ethic creates discipline, adapt your child’s learning approach to your priorities, be consistent. Take time to reflect and enjoy learning, find a family friendly event in Spanish!

Change as many things as you can in your surroundings ( by applying Spanish to the things you love to do) for example: sing familiar songs, watch sports, computer games, comics, movies (select language to Spanish when available). You could also go to Latin or Mexican restaurants, cultural events, or all of these! Immerse your child as much as you can.
Depending on the age of the child, finding the best learning strategy will be important: Having written lists and repeating the words out loud, apps, flash cards, learning your favorite English song in Spanish, etc. (Read it, write it down, say it out loud, use it in a sentence, have someone quiz you).

Use it! After learning how to say: Buenos dias! buenas tardes, buenas noches (good morning, good afternoon, good night) or hola, ¿cómo estas? muy bien, gracias  ¿y tu?  (hi, how are you? very well thank you, and you?) using it every day, after a while, you don’t really have to think about it anymore!
It is recommended you do at least 30 min of Spanish a day plus reminders of words you want to learn throughout the day. Mimic correct sentences over and over again. Practice with sentences that you can use with your Spanish tutor, with each other, on a trip, with someone you know thats speaks Spanish, etc.

Try to figure it out. When you get stuck, the worst thing, is not knowing what to do. I am there to help you, if we are not in class, write down your questions to ask me later. If you are trying to write or speak, think of a different word you can use to get to the same point, use the dictionary, Google Translate (from 1 to 3 words only, not sentences), etc. Don’t over think the rules, learning Spanish has never been easier to learn than today.

Remember it’s OK to make mistakes! In fact, you should embrace making mistakes, because this is an essential part of learning any language. You have great power to succeed in your language learning project!

If you have any questions, regarding availability and times for Spanish Tutoring, please contact us.

Whether you are a parent looking for Spanish courses in Calgary or Spanish tutoring for your child , contact me today and let me design the right Spanish program for you.
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