Consulate of Mexico in Calgary, AB, Canada

Consulate of Mexico in Calgary, AB, Canada

Within the functions of the Consulate of Mexico in Calgary, we can find the following:

Issuing passports to Mexican citizens
Issue foreign citizenship permits to Mexico and, where appropriate, visa passports, under the terms of the General Population Law, its Regulations and in accordance with the regulations issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ministry of the Interior, both in the case of ordinary visas and courtesy cards, as well as diplomatic, official and service visas.
Check public or private documents that are in plain sight and certify the corresponding copies.
Legalize signatures and / or seals of foreign public documents issued by authorities of their constituency.
Exercise the functions of the Civil Registry in the terms of the Civil Code and prepare the Civil Registry Acts concerning the birth, marriage and death of Mexicans, as well as issuing certified copies thereof.
Carry out the notarial functions and the issuance of certifications conferred by national legislation. Keep the register of Mexican residents in their district.
Assist the Ministry of the Interior, in accordance with the instructions received through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the assignment of the of the Population Registry to Mexicans abroad.
Advise and orient Mexicans regarding their relations with the authorities, coexistence with the local population, their rights and obligations towards the foreign State of their circumscription, and their links and obligations in relation to Mexico.
Promote in the circumscription the objectives of the Program for Mexican Communities Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Consolidate a fast, efficient and courteous consular documentation service, with strict adherence to the provisions in force.
Protect, in accordance with the principles and norms of International Law, the dignity and rights of Mexicans in the circumscription, and exercise the actions aimed at satisfying their legitimate claims.
Increase the effective response capacity of protection services, emphasizing preventive aspects and maintain contact with detention centres, prisons, hospitals, assistance institutions and migration centres in Alberta to identify and monitor cases of protection involving Mexican nationals.

The Consulate of Mexico in Calgary, AB has Juana María Ruíz / Asuntos Culturales, Educativos, Comunidades, Protección y PTAT as a Cónsul Adscrita of Mexico in Calgary, AB. It is located at:

Consulate of Mexico in Calgary, AB Canada
Suite 400 – 407 2nd Street SW
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2Y3, Canada
Tel: (403) 264.1259

Guia de Procedimientos de Proteccion Consular – Mexico


Consulado de Mexico en Calgary-Mexican Consulate in Calgary

El Consulado de México en Calgary abrió sus puertas en 2008 y cuenta con un cónsul mexicano(a), un vicecónsul y nueve empleados locales que la asisten en una oficina activa que promueve el comercio y el turismo y cuida de los 16.000 mexicanos que viven en su jurisdicción, además de más de 1.400 trabajadores agrícolas itinerantes.

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