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Green Cart- Food Waste & Compost Service Calgary

ln Calgary single-family households are now able to place all food scraps, yard debris, in one green cart that is included in the regular garbage service

How the Green Cart program works in Calgary, All single-family households in Calgary are now able to place food scraps, yard debris, approved food-soiled paper and approved pail liners in a roll green cart that is included in the regular garbage pick-up service.

Green garbage trucks in charge of recollection have shown that they help residents reduce waste by almost half in the communities of the city of Calgary. At city-wide level, that translates into more than 85 million kilograms of food and garden waste that is removed from our landfills each year. All single houses (up to and including fourplexes) will receive green cars – the same size as the blue car. Eligible households can not choose not to participate in the program. If you live in an apartment or condominium, see the requirements for food diversion and garden waste for multi-family complexes.

Car size: The green cart is the same size as the blue car. It is 109 cm high, 62 cm wide and 72 cm deep. It can contain 60 kg of material.
Kitchen cube – to collect food remains (23 cm high, 30 cm wide and 23 cm deep)
Supply of compostable bags – to align the kitchen cube
Supply of paper bags to store paper – for additional garden waste in the cart
Instruction guide and collection calendar
All food, garden waste and pet waste are accepted in the green cart.
Extra garden waste can be put in paper yard waste bags and picked up as well. Please make sure that your green shopping cart is full first.

Green cars and blue cars will be recognized every week on the same day. Considering that most waste is purchased and can be written, this material will be recognized once a week.

Black cars can be picked up once every two weeks on a different day from the blue and green cars, and more than half of our trash is compostable material that can go in your green car.

Program rate Green Cart

Residents will pay for the Green Cart service will pay around $ 6.50 per month.

The garbage collection of the black car is supported by the taxes of your property. The savings achieved by changing the Black Cart garbage collection once every two weeks will be invested in the Green Cart program to reduce the monthly rate.

The burden of waste management on your utility bill (ENMAX) is for the costs associated with the disposal and handling of residential waste at the three landfills in the city.

Type your address to find the recollection day in your community: Green Cart Collection

PL Inc., the North American producer of injection molded plastic products, is the company that handles organic wheel cars in the City of Calgary, Alberta. The contract, worth 13 million dollars, includes the production and delivery of 325,000 ecological cars for the implementation of a new composting program in all single-family homes in the city.

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