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Children’s Day Latin Culture – History of Children’s Day

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History of “Children’s Day” (Latin Culture Children’s Day)

On November 20, 1952, the General Assembly of the United Nations met with the sole idea of reaffirming the universal rights of the child, and for it to be celebrated in each country of the world, which would devote itself to fraternity and understanding among the children of the whole world and it would be destined to activities that would develop the welfare of the children of the world.

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And it was also suggested to the governments that they celebrate this day on the date and in the manner that each one of them deemed convenient.

In Argentina, Children’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of August and arises from the commercial interests of the Argentine Chamber of Toys. Little by little, it has been assimilated to the culture of the country until it is incorporated into the collective ideology. It is customary to give toys to children on this date.

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In Mexico, it is celebrated on April 30. But it was taken on November 20 as Universal Children’s Day, to commemorate this important statement.

On the second Sunday of August, all of Chile celebrates “Children’s Day”.

Children’s day in the countries of Latin America

Colombia: Last Saturday of April

Mexico: April 30

Paraguay: May 31

Venezuela: Third Sunday of June

Uruguay: August 9

Chile: Second Sunday of August

Peru: Third Sunday of August

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