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Mantenimiento de casas en Calgary Si usted es propietario en Calgary de Real Estate ya sea casa, departamento o rancho, ya sabra que la mayoría de las actividades de mantenimiento de la casas en Canada son de temporada. El otoño es el tiempo para obtener su casa listo para el próximo invierno, que puede ser la temporada más dura para su hogar. Durante los meses de invierno, es importante seguir los procedimientos de mantenimiento de rutina, mediante la verificación de su casa cuidadosamente para evitar cualquier problema que pueda surgir y tomar acciones correctivas lo antes posible.

Spring and winter in Canada are the time to do your home maintenance, evaluate improvements or repairs and prepare for the warmer months. During the summer, there are a number of indoor and outdoor maintenance tasks to take care of, such as repairing roads and steps, painting and checking your chimney and roof. A regular annual maintenance program can put an end to problems before they occur.

Maintenance of your home in Calgary Canada – by Season

Most of the maintenance activities of the house are seasonal. Fall is the time to get your house ready for next winter, which may be the toughest season for your home. During the winter months, it is important to follow routine maintenance procedures, by checking your home carefully to avoid any problems that may arise and take corrective actions as soon as possible. Spring is the time to assess winter damage, initiate repairs and prepare for the warmer months. During the summer, there are a number of indoor and outdoor maintenance tasks to take care of, such as repairing roads and steps, painting and checking your chimney and roof.

While most maintenance is seasonal, there are some things you should do in a frequent base year-round:

Making sure indoor and outdoor air vents (intake, exhaust, and forced air) are not blocked by snow or debris.

Check and clean the exhaust hood filters on a monthly basis.
Ground test circuit breaker (s) on the monthly electrical outputs by pressing the test button, which should then cause the reset button to pop up.
If there are small children in the house, make sure that the electrical outlets are equipped with safety plugs.
Regularly check the house for safety hazards, such as loose handrails, lifting or buckling floors, smoke detectors does not work, and so on.
Check and clean or replace the furnace filters every month during the heating season.
Check that the ducts leading to and from the heat recovery fan are in good shape
Check that the bathroom exhaust fans and exhaust hoods are working properly.
Cleaning portable humidifier, if you have one
Remove insect screens from windows to allow air from the heating system to keep condensation out of the glass window and allow solar energy to be freer in your home.
Make sure windows and skylights close properly, repair or replace weather stripping, as needed.
Make sure all exterior doors are tightly closed and check other doors for ease of use.
Clean gutter and roof sheets and test drop tubes to ensure adequate drainage from the roof.
Drain and store the hoses outdoors. Close the inner valve for connecting the outdoor drain hose and the hose bib (outside tap), unless your house has a frost-proof hose tap.
If you have a septic tank, measure the sludge and foam to determine if the tank needs to be emptied before spring. The tanks are pumped at least once every three years.


Check and clean or replace oven air filters every month during the heating season. Ventilation system, such as heat recovery fans, the filters should be checked every two months.
After consulting the owner’s hot water tank manual, drain a bucket full of water from the cleaning valve on the bottom of your hot water tank to control sediment and maintain efficiency.
Cleaning humidifier two or three times during the winter season.
Vacuum bath of the grate fan.
Vacuum fire and smoke detectors, dust or spider webs can prevent its operation.
Vacuum radiator grilles on the back of refrigerators and freezers, and vacuum and clean drip trays.
Check the pressure gauge of all fire extinguishers; recharge or replace if necessary.
Check evacuation routes, door and window closures and hardware, and the exterior lighting of the house around, ensuring families have good safety habits.
Check the cellar floor evacuation to ensure the trap contains water, add water if necessary.
Monitor your home for excess moisture levels – for example, condensation on windows, which can cause significant damage over time and pose serious health problems – and take corrective action if necessary. Consult your datasheet About the Household Humidity Measurement Camera.

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