Casa Mexico – Calgary Alberta Mexico Foundation

Casa Mexico – Calgary Alberta Mexico Foundation

Casa México – Preservación de la identidad Mexicana y la integración a la sociedad Canadiense de los Mexicanos que viven en la región de  mexicanos en Canada, mexicanos en Alberta.

Casa Mexico mission is to build a physical and virtual space designed to create and promote all type of programs and activities to generate awareness, knowledge and better understanding of Mexico and Latin America among Canadians. Casa Mexico also fosters the preservation of the Mexican identity and the integration and sense of dual belonging among Mexican-Canadians living in Alberta while creating a space to showcase their talents and contributions.

Casa Mexico wants to be a space where to celebrate, to create, to discuss, to be integrated, to exhibit, to perform, to speak, to listen and to learn about diverse aspects related to Mexico and Latin America.

  • Founded on April 14, 2009

What does Casa Mexico do?

-Creates spaces to showcase the best of Mexico and its people abroad.
-Promotes and showcase Mexico’s cultural richness, economic potential, gastronomy diversity, and Mexican people’s talent.
-Fosters the preservation of the Mexican identity, the integration and sense of dual belonging among Mexican living abroad while showcasing their talents and contributions.
-Promotes programs and activities designed to increase awareness and understanding of Mexico through its culture, history, philosophy, languages, and other aspects.
-Showcases the advancement of Mexicans by promoting their talents and contributions.
-Secures financial and other resources for the establishment and operation of a virtual and a physical spaces to promote Mexico.
-Fosters the development and integration of the Mexicans living abroad.
-Develops collaboration with organizations, institutions and associations that are involved with Mexico Promote the relationship Mexico-Canada.
-Increases knowledge and awareness of economic, cultural, educational, social and other aspects to create better understanding of Mexico.

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