CARYA Society of Calgary – Family Support & Community Knowledge Centre

CARYA Society of Calgary – Family Support & Community Knowledge Centre

CARYA Society of Calgary – Family Support & Community Knowledge Centre offers Carya Services, such as: Upcoming Groups, Family Support, Individual Well-Being & Education. Older Adults, Youth Engagement.

Carya key areas of focus are:

Childhoods that prepare and propel youth towards future success
Parents who are confident, enabled and supported in raising families
Stress reduction and management for those who are overwhelmed
Security of housing and food supply for the city’s vulnerable
Early literacy and lifelong learning and contribution across the age-span
High school completion for vulnerable teens and tweens
Socially connected and safe communities for families, individuals and seniors
Long-term poverty reduction through education, resources and community
Access to opportunity regardless of gender, race, creed, financial position, background or sexual orientation

180, 839 5 Ave SW
Calgary AB, T2P 3C8
Intake: 403-205-5244
Phone: 403-269-9888 (general inquiries)
Fax: 403-205-5281

If your parenting journey has you feeling stressed out, isolated or overwhelmed, our Prime Time program is here to help.

Prime Time works with expecting parents and parents with children ages six and under. Click here for more information ⤵️

We've made over 400 food deliveries since the onset of #covid19, and today it was time for a few more! Our amazing team packed and delivered these food hampers to families and older adults in need 💜 #caryaishere

Find more productive ways to handle anger and stress. In this 10-week group, you'll learn to take control of your emotions, develop appropriate confrontation skills, learn how to handle criticism and more. #yyc #yycevents

These are some great tips!

Have some extra bottles lying around? Skip the trip to the bottle depot and use @skipthedepot instead! Download the app, pick carya as your charity of choice, and all proceeds will help us build strong famlies and communities in #yyc.

Masks are now mandatory in indoor public #yyc spaces. If you are an older adult in need of a free mask, we can help! Call our Bowmont office at 403.286.1811, and we’ll set up a time for you to do a physically distanced pick up.

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