CALMECA Calgary Mexican Society- Mexico in Calgary

CALMECA Calgary Mexican Society- Mexico in Calgary

CALMECA Calgary Mexican Canadian Cultural Society. Our goal is to unite the local Mexican community, while sharing our culture and traditions here in Canada. If you happen to be new to Canada, are feeling a little homesick or you’re simply looking to learn more about the Mexican way of life we welcome you with open arms. CALMECA, is a non-profit organization based out of Calgary, Alberta.

CALMECA Calgary Mexican Society is always growing and we strive to give you a place to feel right at home. We host Mexican events and celebrations on a monthly basis, featuring all of the sights, sounds and flavors of our home country. We also offer activities and classes ranging from recreational sports leagues to lessons for perfecting your language skills in both English and Spanish.

We believe in keeping Mexican culture alive and passing on our traditions from one generation to the next. With our home country of Mexico always in our hearts and minds, our goal is to help the Mexican community of Calgary grow and prosper. We want to provide an opportunity to share a piece of our Mexican culture here in Canada. In doing so, we aim to educate others and help the Mexican people of Calgary stay connected to their roots.

  • CALMECA Calgary Mexican Society was founded in July 1982
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For more ways to connect with the CALMECA Calgary Mexican Society, Mexican Food and Mexican Culture, check out our Events throughout the City of Calgary! El objetivo de Calmeca es unificar a la comunidad mexicana en Calgary, mientras compartimos nuestra cultura y tradiciones.

[email protected]
1-4439 Bow Trail SW Calgary Alberta CA.
Tel. (403) 616-0280


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