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Cannabis Store Locations in Calgary – Calgary Weed Stores

Cannabis Store Locations Calgary
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A cannabis store business displays, sells, or offers for sale cannabis/weed/pot and must have a provincial retail cannabis license. Cannabis consumption in the store is not permitted. Cannabis Stores allow for medical cannabis counseling and the ancillary retail sale or rental of cannabis-related merchandise. You can also buy Cannabis online

You cannot rely on the information contained in this list. Any reliance is at your own risk – This Cannabis Store Locations in Calgary list is based on information from AGLC.

Cannabis in Calgary – Weed Store Locations

Calgary 420 Premium Market 112-5334 72 Avenue SE T2C 4X5 (403) 217-3619
Calgary 420 Premium Market D290-9737 MacLeod Trail South T2J 0P6 (587) 293-2011
Calgary Nova Cannabis at Willow Park B252-10816 MacLeod Trail SE T2J 5N8 (403) 455-6290
Calgary Beltline Cannabis Calgary 806 12 Avenue SW T2R 0J3 (403) 589-5599
Calgary Global Leaf 106-5401 Temple Drive NE T1Y 3R7 (403) 991-7529
Calgary Bow Cannabis 6305 Bowness Road NW T3B 0E4 (403) 286-1190
Calgary 420 Premium Market 205-2515 90 Avenue SW T2V 0L8 (403) 237-5871
Calgary Celestial Buds 166-6800 Memorial Drive NE T2A 6V3 (587) 496-8711
Calgary Bongs and Such Plus 4825 MacLeod TRAIL SW T2G 0A7 (403) 244-2667
Calgary 420 Premium Market 46 Sage Hill Passage NW T3R 0S4 (403) 212-2383
Calgary Spiritleaf-Stonegate 408-2550 Country Hills Boulevard NE T3N 1E4 (403) 452-9843
Calgary NewLeaf Cannabis 130-5403 Crowchild Trail NW T3B 4Z1 (587) 392-4650
Calgary NewLeaf Cannabis 110-1935 37 Street SW T3E 3E4 (587) 392-4705
Calgary NewLeaf Cannabis 9-2015 32 Avenue NE T2E 6Z3 (587) 392-4715
Calgary NewLeaf Cannabis 18-13750 Bow Bottom Trail SE T2J 6T5 (587) 392-3409
Calgary NewLeaf Cannabis 29-240 Midpark Way SE T2X 1N4 (587) 392-4655
Calgary NewLeaf Cannabis 8-12 Castleridge Drive NE T3J 1V4 (587) 392-4690
Calgary NewLeaf Cannabis 111-13 Southland Crescent SW T2W 0K4 (587) 392-4665
Calgary NewLeaf Cannabis 21-2500 4 Street SW T2S 1X6 (587) 392-4660
Calgary Aylmer & Nelson CANNABIS 1309 9 Ave SE T2G 0T2 (403) 766-9141
Calgary Queen of Bud 1717 10 Ave SW T3C 0K1 (403) 460-5555
Calgary Green Earth Cannabis 5-1305 33 Street NE T2A 5P1 (403) 475-9975
Calgary Co-op Cannabis 7-8720 MacLeod Trail SE T2H 0M4 (403) 452-2285
Calgary Canna Cabana 1065 Canyon Meadows Drive SE T2W 5V3 (403) 764-4207
Calgary Sweet Tree Cannabis Co. 11-5147 20 Avenue SE T2B 0B1 (403) 764-1420
Calgary Sweet Tree Cannabis Co. 424-8338 18 Street SE T2C 4E4 (403) 475-1420
Calgary NewLeaf Cannabis 2-7400 MacLeod Trail SE T2H 0L9 (587) 392-4695

Cannabis in Alberta – Weed Store Locations in Alberta – based on information from AGLC.

Cannabis, also known as marijuana or marijuana, among other names, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant intended for medical or recreational use. There is only one place in Alberta to buy cannabis online, the Alberta, first you go to the website, you signup and verify your identity (you must be 18 years of age or older), and then you’ll be able to browse and choose from different cannabis products.(You may buy up to 30 grams per purchase & this is also the max you can legally possess when you’re out in public.) Finally, you pay with Visa and MasterCard credit or debit, and  your order will be sent to you by Canada Post or similar. To buy Cannabis online go to AlbertaCannabis

Rental properties can prohibit the use of Cannabis.

Landlord / tenant agreements or condominium statutes may restrict cannabis use according to provincial law. We encourage you to talk with your landlord about edible cannabis products. Although edible cannabis products, such as brownies and cookies, can not be sold legally until there are other federal and provincial regulations, edible cannabis products can be produced at home. If you live in a rental unit or condo, you might consider talking to the owner or the condo board if the rules would allow them to be made edible in your building.

Cannabis also known as Weed, Pot or Marijuana and public spaces in Calgary 

As part of the new Cannabis Use Statute, the rules of public use for cannabis are similar to those for public consumption of alcohol, it will be illegal to use cannabis in any form (smoking, vaping or food) in public places. An exemption for medical cannabis will apply. The following regulations apply throughout Alberta: Cannabis use is not allowed in vehicles, there will be no cannabis use at any point of sale of cannabis

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