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Calgary, is the Top Best City to Settle in Canada as a New Immigrant
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In 2016 according to the most recent census the city of Calgary had a population of 1,239,220, making it the largest city in Alberta and the third largest municipality in Canada. Calgary, Alberta is the Top Best City to Settle in Canada as a New Immigrant, Calgary is known especially for its developed gas and oil industry, however, it has also bet successfully for a business environment that allows the expansion of other businesses, such as high-tech companies.

Main advantages of living in Calgary Alberta Canada:

Calgary, AB has an estimated growth level of 6.6% of real GDP, ranking 1st in the G7 countries
The highest labor growth occurred between 1996-2005, with 30.2%
International Center for the Oil and Gas Sector: The majority of Canadian oil and gas production companies, pipeline operators, reservoir service and drilling companies, energy-related consulting and engineering companies are located here
Calgary brings together the headquarters of TransCanada Corporation, Enbridge, Terasen Pipelines and Alliance Pipelines
It has the highest per capita number of newly created technology companies in Canada
More than 55,000 employees in 2,400 high-tech companies
8 of the 10 largest growth expenditures in R & D were made in technology: 70% of total R & D spending
Manufacturing: plastics, metal fabrication, machinery, construction materials and packaging
The geographical variety that Calgary enjoys has transformed it into an attractive destination for film productions: $ 130 million in film activities during 2004
North American axis for access to the Pacific Northwest by road, rail and air
The Calgary International Airport is the fourth Canadian airport in passenger traffic and is also an important freight center

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