Anejo Restaurant, 4th Street, Calgary AB

Anejo Restaurant, 4th Street, Calgary AB

Anejo is an authentic Mexican restaurant in Calgary, their market food, offers contemporary Mexican cuisine, Tequila House and said by a Mexican, the Calgary’s best margarita! What does añejo mean?  Añejo means old, but when talking about Tequila, the word reposado and añejo means the tequilas are smoother, subtler, and more complex. How does the restaurant started? Four amigos had a vision of bringing a high-quality & authentic Mexican experience back to Calgary – the journey began with a research trip to Guadalajara. They gathered stories & vibrant décor pieces, soaked up the sunshine & culture, sampled a lot of tequila, and finally figured out what the squiggle above the “n” was called. Well at the end the result was
Añejo! A Mexican restaurant cuisine, Canada’s largest tequila selection, and Calgary’s best margarita.

Tequila takes on the favours of the wood, while the harshness of the alcohol mellows. Reposado Tequila means “restful”, which implies that this type of tequila is aged or rested.

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Anejo Mexican Restaurant
Phone 587.353.2656
2116 4th Street SW
Calgary, AB T2S1W7


Anejo Mexican Restaurant-Great fresh authentic Mexican food with a modern twist, coupled with a well-researched Tequila list in a beautiful Mexican inspired room. The province of Jalisco is the inspiration behind our Tacos Pastor, fresh ceviche and Guacamole and Molcajete, made in a traditional lava-rock mortar and prepared table-side.
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